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CANMAKE Ready Starter Kits

Hey all you make-up junkies! We’re having a special sale for first-time Canmake users and fans alike. Check out our

Each kit is designed for any of your needs, at a discounted price.

Gold Package

Eye make-up

Perfect your eye make-up with this starter kit! Nothing says "Look at me!" more than the perfect eye look, matched with the perfect shade of blush.

Eye lash pair/ powder cheek/Perfect brown eyes/ liquid eyeliner

Base make-up

For a fresh look, try this package for that airy fresh look!

Accentuate that with Canmake's Nail Polish to give yourself that extra "oomph"! ;)

Airy cover Fit foundation/ #1 or #2/Nail Polish/Oil Blotting sheet/Cream Cheek special edition

Silver Package

Kiss and Tell

Kiss and tell with this kit! These products are great if you want simple, easy looks that can be used in school, work, or anywhere you feel like!


Perfect Multi Eyes/Stay on balm Rouge/ Cream Cheek


Nothing beats a smooth finish topped with a pop of color.

If all you want is that perfect base, then this package is the best thing for you!

Smooth Liquid Foundation #1 , #2 or #3

Bronze Package

Eye make-up

Obssessed with eye make-up but aren't sure what kind of looks will suit you?

Fear not! This kit is best for anyone who wants to go from day to night looks

in an instant.

Perfect Brown Eyes/Gokunobi Mascara


Need the basics? Well, this kit will suit anybody!

Complete with a concealer, blush/bronzer,

as well as a lashes and a cute little pot of tint!

Eyelash 2 pairs/ Highlight & Retouch Concealer UV/ Cheek & Bronzer #1 or #2


Let's go back to the basics - brows and blush!

No need for fancy looks or difficult techniques,

this kit is for anyone who just wants a simple, polished look.

Dual Eyebrow Stick/Powder Cheek


Pat some powder, dab some color, and you're out the door!

This kit is great for anyone with a busy schedule :)

Creamy Touch Rouge/Blessed Natural Foundation Refill


You don't need a lot of products to look polished - sometimes less is more!

And with this kit, you can definitely achieve that perfect "blushed"

look for everyday use!

Glow Fleur Cheek #1,#2, #3, #4,#5,or #6/Eyeliner Pencil/Candy Wrap


If definition is your direction, then this kit can help you make your favorite features pop out! A bit of contour and blush can make wonders for your look ;)

Nose Shadow Powder/Powder Eyeliner/Loose Cheek


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