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Metal comb gives you complete lash control ♡
Oil-based mascara enables you to adjust the clustering of your lashes

Metal comb for creating dainty clusters
● Oil-based mascara with a distinctive metal comb. Designed to create clustered lashes,
the comb’s uniform pitch helps to bring several lashes together into the perfect cluster.
Just sweep the comb through to create beautifully clustered lashes.
● The comb’s ultra-fine 2.5 mm diameter ensures mascara easily reaches those tricky lashes at the inner and outer corners
of the eye! It captures even the shortest lashes. Also recommended for those with single or deep-set double eyelids.

Apply additional coats to create the lash clusters you’ve been looking for ♡
● Velvety-smooth mascara formulation ensures it won’t clump even when you apply extra coats!
● The fluid coats lashes evenly, giving you complete freedom to create everything from fine,
natural-looking clusters to a bushy-clustered look with just this one item ♪

Perky, long-lasting curl
● Outstanding ability to boost lash curl and hold it in place! Ensures the bold eye look you’ve created
with the metal comb stays in place for hours ♡

Resistant to water, sweat, and sebum
● Run-proof formula designed to stand up to water, sweat, and sebum.
Keeps lashes looking beautiful even on those extra-special days!

 One coat for a pure look: suitable for the office or school
Two coats for a cute look: perfect date make-up
Add extra coats to look like a pop idol: ideal for concerts and other events

CANMAKE Metalook Mascara

SKU: 4901008316598


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