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Contains : Lash-conditioning effect
・Contains sodium hyaluronate (moisturizing agent).


  • Apply in layers for ultra-thick lashes! Achieve fluttery lashes!The super-volumizing and curling mascara is here!Film-type formulation that washes off with warm water☆

    The powerful volume will give you the fluttering lashes.

    The thick liquid covers each lash, and as you apply more layers, you create the ultra-thick, super-volumized lashes!!!

    Has a long-lasting curling effect, even though it's a film-type mascara. 

    Keeps your lashes looked as though you had only just curled them! Casts aside the image of film-type mascaras as being unable to maintain a great curl.

    Can be washed off with warm water, so it's easy to remove your make-up

    Can be washed off quickly with warm water, without the need for a special eye make-up remover.No need to scrub it off, so it's kind to your eyes; recommended for those who use false lashes, lash extensions or other beauty salon treatments for lashes.

    "Multi-proof" formulation

    Waterproof formulation that is resistant to tears, sweat and humidity.

    Resistant to sebum, so won't run and leave you with panda eyes.



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