Skin seems illuminated with a natural light from within Highlighter of cream type.

Cream Highlighter

₱630.00 Regular Price
₱399.00Sale Price
  • Provides definition and a natural-looking sheen that makes skin look illuminated from within
    ● Packed with micro-pearls that provide an understated, dewy sheen, rather than garish glitter.
    Although it’s a cream, it has a light, silky-smooth texture ♪
    ● Contains a spherical powder that gives it a silky-smooth, light texture that doesn't feel sticky, even though it's a cream.
    ● Contains Light-touch Oil for ultra-smooth application, creating a fabulous finish without disturbing even powder foundations.
    Super-fit formula ensures long-lasting definition ♥
    The cream formulation contains Fitting Oil, which clings to your skin. Now you don't have to worry about powder scatter! Ensures long-lasting, lustrous definition.

  • 01 Luminous beige

    A beige that blends in well with the skin, for a natural-looking luster. Contains gold and red pearl, so you don't need to worry about it looking powdery!

    02 Luminous aqua

    A sky blue that's both translucent and lustrous. Contains blue pearl for a bright, sheer sheen!



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