Simple – just smooth on ♥ One-day tint

Natural-looking color and finish
● This luscious gel's clear texture gives your brows a tint that looks perfectly natural ♥
● Won't look out of place, even when used over the whole eyebrow ♥

Apply in the morning for a finish that lasts right through till evening ♥
● Once applied, the water in the gel evaporates, so the tinting agents dissolved in it add a stain-like tint to your skin!
● The gel remaining on your skin clings to it, creating a coating that stands up to water, sweat, sebum, and rubbing, keeping the tint in place until you remove it again!

Long, flat tip ♥ Ensures even color
● The applicator tip is long and flat. This means that you can use the narrow part to gradually shape your brows, making it simple to get the look you want!
● Use the very tip of the applicator to draw fine lines at the tail of the brow, etc.
● The luscious gel goes on smoothly and evenly, ensuring beautiful brows ♥

Simple to remove with face wash
● Due to the nature of the product, some pigment may remain on your skin after use. Please use face wash or a similar product when removing your make-up.

Contains 10 kinds of beauty ingredients


Eyebrow Tint Jelly

₱570.00 Regular Price
₱276.00Sale Price
  • Simple – just smooth on!
    Stays on from morning to night! One-day eyebrow tint



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