Face Brush

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  • No special skills needed!Simple!

    Creates fine-textured, velvety-smooth, silky-soft skin, just by swirling it around Just what you've all been waiting for - the pro-quality face brush from Canmake is here!

    ★ No complicated techniques required! Just swirl to create perfect, fine-textured, silken skin with no visible pores♥

    ★ Uses captivatingly smooth, tapered nylon bristles - so gentle, you'll want to keep stroking them.

    ★ Dense bristles with just the right amount of flexibility and an exquisite feeling against the skin creates silky-soft skin as smooth as if it had been burnished.

    ★ Wide brush fits perfectly against your skin, ensuring a speedy finish on mornings when you're in a rush, or when you need to touch-up your make-up fast! Ensures perfectly even coverage.

    ★ Compact size makes it convenient to use at home or keep in your make-up pouch★

    ★ Comes with a nylon case, to keep your make-up pouch clean♪

    ★ Totally versatile, you can use it with all types of foundation, whether BB, liquid, emulsion, cream, or powder★



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