All the volume and gloss of gel nails
Gel Volume Top Coat is now available 


A colored version of Gel Volume Top Coat♥
● Just one bottle serves as base coat, nail color, and top coat - so simple, anyone can use it♥
A finish just like gel nails.
● No UV lamp required!!! It's more viscous than ordinary nail polish, creating a luscious thickness.
● Easy to remove with ordinary nail polish remover!!!

A glossy, glass-like finish♥
● The lusciously thick fluid evens out ridges in the nail, creating a perfectly smooth surface!
● Uses resin with an outstanding luster, so your nails look glossy even without a top coat! For a truly wet-look shine!

Dries in an instant♥
● Dries quickly, reducing that annoying waiting time!!!
● Formulated to dry fast without forming bubbles or cracking easily.

Radiant, true-color finish♥
● The flat brush makes it easy to apply, for vivid, perfectly even color, with just one coat!

Gel Volume Top Coat

₱570.00 Regular Price
₱199.50Sale Price



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