Concealer SPF40・PA++
Use ★light★ to banish under -eye- shadows and dullness for enhanced translucence! ♥
Like applying light to your skin. The magic of light banishes under-eye shadows and dullness ★

Highlight&Retouch Concealer UV

₱560.00 Regular Price
₱336.00Sale Price
Color: 01 Light pink-beige
  • ● Apply a coat to under-eye shadows and areas where dullness is a concern, such as around the wings of the nose and along laugh lines ★
    The ultrafine gold and pink pearl particles make dull areas instantly brighter with the magic of the spotlight!
    ● Succulent texture and natural coverage ensure a feather-light, non-powdery finish! 
    Use over your make-up for retouching!

    ● Apply a coat in the evening to areas of concern, such as under tired eyes, over areas of dullness.
    Can be applied even over your foundation, for precision retouching of your make-up, without making it smudge! ● Ideal formulation for retouching make-up: SPF40 and PA++
    All you need to protect your eye area, C-zone and T-zone ★ Free from ultraviolet absorbers too!

    Contains 84% beauty ingredients ♥ Prevents dryness to care for your skin and recharge moisture ★
    ● Superb skincare effect!Plumps up dry areas around the eyes and mouth ♥ Moisturizes and prevents dryness ★
    Moisturizing agents: Collagen, hyaluronic acid, royal jelly extract, ceramide, honey

    Gentle formulation that will delight your skin
    ● Free from ultraviolet absorbers, fragrance, parabens, mineral oil, alcohol and tar-based pigments



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