Get natural-looking brows with these duos of dark and light shades ♥

Powder eyebrows with soft finish.

Lasts for a long time
Contains beautifying and moisturizing agents.

Natural Chiffon Eyebrow

₱670.00 Regular Price
₱299.00Sale Price
  • Long-lasting ♥ Soft finish
    ● The fine particles of the Airy Powder give it a feather-light texture that creates soft-looking eyebrows.
    A duo of light and dark shades
    ● Use both the light and dark shades to give your brows definition.
    ● You can also mix them together to create a color that suits you!
    ● Free from pearl and glitter, so they’re easy to use!
    Carefully designed brush
    ● The diagonal, slightly flattened shape makes it simple to shape your brows.
    ● The bristles are quite compact, so it’s a breeze to use even if you have fine brows! But it’s still easy to adjust the thickness if you like thicker brows ♥
    ● Use the applicator tip to shape the tail of the brow and areas where brow hairs are sparse.
    Ingredients to delight your skin
    ● Beautifying oils: Jojoba seed oil and olive fruit oil. (emollient agents)
    ● Beautifying ingredients: Rosemary leaf extract, sage leaf extract (moisturizing agents)
    Two kinds of FREE
    ● Paraben free, fragrance free



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