Contains 5 types of beautifying ingredients (moisturizing) Jojoba seed oil, grapeseed oil, chamomile flower extract, horse chestnut seed extract, squalane

Perfect Multi Eyes

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  • All you need for perfect eye make-up♥Also ideal for eyebrow make-up and eyeliner. Glitter-free matte eyeshadow palettes.

    The ultimate natural look, as though your eyes were always this big♥

    A glitter-free matte finish that imitates the texture of your skin. Melts into your skin, expressing natural nuances of shade.

    These palettes features five shadows in the same tone of brown, with varying degrees of brightness, making it simple to achieve a beautiful color gradation.

     Ideal for school, work, and those who prefer their make-up to look natural!Although the effect isn't showy, these shadows create a crisp, neat look.

    They melt subtly into your skin, enhancing its beauty.

    Stick to shadows in the same tone for flawless eye make-up♥

    No need to worry about clashing make-up!!! These palettes feature shadows in the same tone, so we recommend them not only as eyeshadows, but also for your eyebrow make-up and eyeliner as well♥

     It's simple to achieve well-balanced make-up♪ Each palette contains shadows recommended for specific areas.

    Handy 3-in-1 function, so your make-up pouch won't be feel bulky♥

     Of course, you can use all of them as eyeshadows♥

    Kind to your skin – make-up that conditions as you wear it♥



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