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UV Silky Fit Foundation Refill

  • A Light finish, yet provides coverage. Protects your skin against UV rays all year round. Resistant to sweat and sebum, so your make-up stays looking fresh. Foundation for a smooth, baby-soft finish.

    Guards your skin against UV damage


    SPF30/PA++ formulation blocks the sun's rays throughout the year. Prevents freckles and spots caused by tanning and sunburn, keeping your skin looking pale and translucent. Contains a powder that effectively disperses UV rays, blocking both UVA and UVB rays. Has superb light transparency, for a natural finish, without the whiteness that often occurs when applying sun-block products.

    Long-lasting effect

    Oil-absorbing powder absorbs sweat and sebum, preventing shininess and stickiness, and keeping your make-up firmly in place. Contains a hyper-lasting polymer. The powder clings tightly to your skin, forming a long-lasting protective membrane that is strongly resistant to water and sweat and which will stop your make-up wearing off. Contains pure white mica. This super-white powder prevents dullness resulting from sweat and sebum.

    Silky smooth finish

    Contains plant-derived squalene (moisturizing agent), to keep your skin moist and protect it from dryness. Even though it is a powder, the individual grains are moist, giving your skin a silky feel. When you apply it to your skin with the soft, fluffy sponge, you will immediately feel how it slips gently onto your skin. Light-controlling effect covers imperfections beautifully. Contains shade-off powder and multi-cover powder. The soft-focus effect covers worrying skin imperfections, such as pores, dullness, fine lines and uneven texture. Clings to your skin with a light finish, without any sense of pressure.

    Skin-friendly formulation

    Contains no UV ray absorbing agents, perfume, mineral oil or alcohol, so will not place a burden on your skin.



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